To read

to read

Here i will be sharing the few books that i find most worthy to read as well as articles and blogs that I like

Must read books

The balanced life” Dr Barbara McFarland – finding the balance and making choices leading to more rewarding and less hectic life. I felt much more in control after reading it and use a lot

Strengthfinder 2.0” Tom Rath – understanding your key potential strength and that of people around you. Absolutely love it. we did it with my husband, we did it in many of my work teams. Everyone benefits and it brings you a mile ahead to develop positive relationships.

4 hour working week” Tim Ferriss. While i cant use most of his examples as he is self employed and i work for a big structured multinational, he motivated me to ruthlessly prioritize what i do and find the time by cutting lots of crap

“7 habits of highly effective people” and “7 habits of highly effective families” – Steven Covey. I love everything about 7 habits. I think i know some parts by heart. I find 7 habits so basic that i am sometimes surprised if someone i know does not know about it. and “for families” edition is just perfectly satisfying and helps with small everyday examples to put the theory in place. when i am lost i read and re-read and i always find myself at peace. Its my compass.

How full is your bucket” Tom Rath and Donald Clifton. It is about little things we can do everyday like recognizing help and saying thank you that builds our relationships and helps to develop confidence in people around you. So simple but very powerful. Tried on few people in my family and it does work.

Obshatsya s rebenkom . Kak? ” ” Obshatsya s rebenkom. Tak” – Yuliya Gippenreiter . In Russian only but absolutely fantastic 2 books about parent -children relationships. About understanding your children and how semantics are important. I read and re-read it often.