How to read more books

…these are my bed table books of the past months… I love reading, it sounds very non-special, but I do like it. I get inspiration from the books, I enjoy to see how words come together and how thoughts are evolving.  For some lucky people reading is working. Warrant Buffett, one of the biggest investors and top executives of this century estimates that 80 percent of his working hours are spent reading or thinking. I think – lucky him!  I want his job… since I do not have his job now, I read in my free time. This is what works for me to keep reading on top of my agenda: Set the reading targets and monitor how you are doing. After Nikita was born and I went back to work I had literally no time to read and I […]

On “doing more”

June was very tough at work and very busy time at home with end of year plays, parties and birthdays. I have not written a proper post for a few weeks now and all written in June were done on the planes…. I am exhausted and I question whether I was right in assuming “I can do more”. I thought I can do more as a professional. But doing more professionally requires more energy that has to come from somewhere. With doing more comes more travel, more intense schedule of deliverables and more direct accountability… So here is the questions: what I will do less and who will pick it up… My daughter asked few weeks ago: – Mama is this you last business trip? – Last in what period?  – Well, last in this year? – Depends which year […]

“manager of the house” away from home

I come home after week long business trip. My family meets me in the airport, we are so happy to see each other. Feels great to be at home, my husband and a nanny did an awesome job and there was no drama during full week I was out. And then it begins. Saturday is birthday of Kyrian – Sasha’s favourite classmate. Saturday is a MBA day and MBA family party in Maks’ university. How to manage logistics? Do we have Star Wars costumes for a family? Do we have a present? Btw, sport shoes are too small for Sasha. I calmly say we will do it all tomorrow, we still have one day to sort it out.  And I realize I am behind many of the home routines and while my job as a professional was getting 200% attention, […]

Having something to look forward to…

It is Sunday 7pm and I stand in the hall of amazing Ritz Carlton hotel in the very center of Moscow. I have my few minutes of luxury living as I check in spacious, elegant and well-beyond-my-needs room, as I plan morning exercise, spa visit and delicious breakfast.  I was looking forward to THIS “luxury living moment” for while. In fact I have chosen this moment to look forward to a few weeks ago. In reality I am on a 5 day exhaustive business trip that started on Sunday before lunchtime (leaving the weekend unfinished), going through two countries, storechecks, plant tours and business reviews with 20 other high level stakeholders.  I will not have a minute for myself – all those 8 am start times and team dinners that last till 11 pm where you need to be your […]

How to keep your hobbies alive

“I used to have hobbies, now my hobbies are the hobbies of my children” said my colleague, mother of 3 children, working 100% time and in a dual career. I can understand where she is coming from. There are times when the calendar is so booked with activities of children that it is not possible to fit food shopping in it. To have hobbies one needs to have free mind capacity to dream, time to do something and energy to want something. It is not easy, but I do not agree to be like many mothers of my mother’s generation, whose hobbies were cooking and gardening at best. I want to have a hobby of my own. I need to carve time for doing something that I love and I dream about. Though in the weeks like this was, I […]

Are you hugging your loved ones enough?

THIS ! is the best way to nurture relationships, it is good for you and others, it has no cost and does not require much time, it just requires us to remember, find right moment and do it. THIS ! is called – HUG Why hugging? Hugging helps to strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, bring positive emotions and make us younger. When we hug, hormone oxytocin is released and makes us feel warm inside.  This is a chemical in our body that helps to promote bonding and trust. It lowers blood pressure and stress levels. Hugs also release dopamine, hormone responsible for pleasure. So hugs are increasing pleasure, decreasing stress and helping us feel more connected to those we love. There is much research to prove it. Just google “the science behind hugs” and you will get it all. How much […]

Being lazy is needed to become more yourself

.. I can only think of icecream, pizza and prosecco. I may think few other words but all fall in food and drink category. We are on a long weekend trip to Lake Como in Italy, day 3. This breathtaking view of lake, these mountains and elegant villas have put my mind on hold. We eat, drink, play games, go for walks. I hug and carry Nikita all the time, I hold hands with Maks I smile at Sasha. The moment I try to think –  I stumble. Should I push myself to do something that I planned to do – read “how brands grow”, write, think our annual goals? Or should I relax….. Day 1 I relaxed, day 2 I relaxed, day 3 is coming to close – I still haven’t got my mind back. And I just relaxed. […]

Interview #1 with inspiring mothers who have a professional career

“Choose to develop professionally and leave home at home. …But only if it is inspiring, rewarding and gives you energy” Masha Buzhinskaya.   Masha is one of my personal inspirations among mothers, who grow professionally. She focuses her attention on the most important things and has a rare skill to let everything else sort itself. What I personally continue to learn from her is how to connect more often with people that inspire, how to leverage experts and focus precious time on few things that only you can do.  She is an acknowledged leader and marketeer in the industry and a mother of two girls (Sasha – 12 and Anna 7). I have asked her few questions: Polina: How to you focus yourself on work when there are so many exciting things going on at home? Masha: I try to […]

being a better me every day

I think i run fast, but the watch shows its slow. I am nearly dying to complete this 6.5k in preparation of 10. THIS wind, THIS cough, THIS uphill….it makes the everything after 3k just unbearable. I run and think: HOW DO THEY DO IT? 10, 21, 42? HOW DID I DO 10K in autumn? its hard work, IT IS HARD…. i am only happy i did not choose sport as a career. and on Sunday morning it seems “run is hard, work is easy”. lets see what i think on monday… have a wonderfull sunny sunday.. and keep challenging yourself ‪#‎beingbettermeeveryday‬

Learn how to create time: outsource tasks that add least value at home

We, mothers who want to develop professionally aspire to be perfect in many things, but we do not have time for all. So we optimize time, schedules, manage ourselves and outsource tasks or ask for help. We learn to free up or create time. First time I asked a cleaning lady to come was when Sasha was born.  I hesitated. I thought I can do it myself, why pay someone. And then I tried. And it felt great. Sasha was 2 months, she was asleep, the lady was cleaning the room and I WAS PLAYING THE PIANO. I still can recall that feeling of “i created time for myself” though it was 7 years ago. I would never find time to play the piano if i cleaed in the only few hours I had for myself when she was asleep. This […]