organizing home

organizing home

there is “the third job” that noone is talking about. The job of manager of the house. Our roles of mothers are well recognized, our professional life is also often acknowledged and rewarded. But this role is not mentioned at all. Someone has to organize home and if it is a home of 4, it is quite a job to do. How do socks get clean and in the right drawers? What is the family balanced weekly meal plan? What are we going to eat for breakfast, dinner… What is the schedule of children and who picks them up?

These are relatively simple, but multiple and frequent questions and there are many more we need to solve instantly

Even when you are lucky like me to have your helpers  (i have cleaning lady who comes bi-weekly) and your husband is as awesome as mine (i rarely do laundry and he always cleans the kitchen if i cook, and he does all garden and many other works) – planning and organizing is a big job to do. I love this job as i love “being in control” feeling but it is the “third job” and it needs its time and mind space

I am sharing what works for me


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