developing self

developing self

This is my favorite topic. In fact, I can even call it passion. I want to become better day by day, feel the progress and develop. I read a lot on management and personal development, I think, I often debate the concepts…

I am sharing here my “hows” and my “to reads”.

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What to do if you feel you work too much

How to find time to excercise

To exercise yourself to your full potential you need more than time – you need grit

Being lazy is needed to become more yourself

How to keep your hobbies alive

Having something to look forward to…

On “doing more”

How to read more books

Enjoying your weekday mornings more

Must read books

The balanced life” Dr Barbara McFarland – finding the balance and making choices leading to more rewarding and less hectic life. I felt much more in control after reading it and use a lot

Strengthfinder 2.0” Tom Rath – understanding your key potential strength and that of people around you. Absolutely love it. we did it with my husband, we did it in many of my work teams. Everyone benefits and it brings you a mile ahead to develop positive relationships.

4 hour working week” Tim Ferriss. While i cant use most of his examples as he is self employed and i work for a big structured multinational, he motivated me to ruthlessly prioritize what i do and find the time by cutting lots of crap


More coming about:

  • Knowing yourself
  • Personal development
  • Career
  • You in a dual career