about me

Who I am and why I am here

I am a mother of two wonderful children girl Sasha (7) and boy Nikita (3), professional in international FMCG company leading market research in Europe, and a woman to my husband. I also want to be an athlete, writer and public speaker, gastronomic and wine expert but I rarely have time to make some progress there.

Like many of you I am challenged every day to balance my professional ambitions with roles of mother, wife and “the manager of the house”. I enjoy the process of making everyday choices and i believe each of us can be so much more of who we want to be when give ourselves permission to aspire beyond one role. I will be writing about my choices, about managing myself both as a woman, mother, wife, and professional.  I want to become better at what i do and this is my motivation to be here and engage with you.

My 10 principles to keep it together

  • Do less, think more
  • Stay connected with people who inspire
  • Plan for unexpected
  • Know yourself
  • Know your limits and stretch them
  • Be where you are and enjoy
  • ..or change what you are doing
  • Be brave to make choices
  • Its all a matter of priorities
  • Love is a verb


Happy to be here,

Polina Nesterenko


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