Allow yourself to “dream small”


“Dreaming big” is admired and rewarded, while dreaming about real things is often perceived “down to earth”. But sometimes it is impossible to dream big, before your down-to-earth challenges are solved. I personally can’t dream big if I do not have a nanny schedule confirmed, I struggle to dream big if I need to plan activities, birthdays and travel (which I love to do btw).  My mind just can’t focus on big and abstract before the real and practical ones are defined. Sounds familiar?

Few weeks ago at my birthday we talked dreams. And with two friends of mine, we realized our big /unrealistic dreams are about day to day challenges like not having to think who and when picks up children or having residence permit solved finally after so many years…. The “bigger” angle of these dreams was NOT how far they take us, but how important they are and how difficult it is to make them happen. I was thinking about it for a while, somewhat uncomfortable with “dreaming big” concept and the fact that my dreams are often “not big”. I finally came to peace with it.  I allow myself to have dreams about everyday life that would make me better and happier day to day.

Why dreaming ‘big or small” is good for us:

Positive emotions are good for us – dreaming big or small create positive expectations and feeling of happiness in the moment.  “Dreaming small” helps us feel more content with who we are and find rewards in little pleasures. It can actually provide more frequent positive rewards and more often positive emotions. So why should it be dismissed?

Today on the bus to work I read one of these “how to start your day tips” and having time to dream was recommended as one of the many things to do before breakfast.  And I did dream, but not about “diving in the Niagara or climbing the Everest” rather about having more mornings like today when full family is around the table and enjoying each other. For me this is a very meaningful dream… dream that makes me happy every little moment.

Dreaming big? No, sometimes I am just dreaming….

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