Enjoy life more. Sport with pleasure

Last year one of the most popular posts among you was “How to find time to exercise”.


And this was one of the themes of my year as well. I learned how to find this time, I built a habit, and I felt very good about regular exercise about 3 times a week or more. So I thought what is next. Do it more (target everyday)? Do it harder (sport challenge?) but none of the two were making me excited. Then I realized what I really want is Do it differently  that is having more pleasure and enjoying it more. So few months ago I made the best decision of the year. It was black Friday, I got a call from a friend telling that my aspirational and non-attainable sport club has the sale, and I finally allowed myself to indulge in sport club membership.

It did miracles

  • I continue doing 3 times a week on average and I am really looking forward to every occasion
  • I spend more time on exercise, I do more different activities, I experiment with new classes and I feel happy more often
  • I am waiting for my next “exercise time” and I do not need to “find the time to do it”

I start the week by planning what I will to and when I will go. Time is still scarce, I only can do it weekend, before work i.e 7 am in the gym, or after work instead of dinner time. so I ask myself

  • Will I have time to do sports over weekend? If yes, I plug the weekend sports plans first.
  • Then, I take remaining 1-3 times and see evenings or early mornings that it could fit
  • If I travel during the week, I do it during travel, to not spend the weekdays away from home.

Having a gym membership helps, but it is not enough. I learned I need reassurance and external reward.i.e. I need someone to tell me I do things right, so I asked for a Fitbit watch as a present to track what I do and encourage me. It feels amazing: I love the fireworks when 10,000 steps are done in a day, I love the positive way fitbit brings the daily tracking (there is only green and very green) and I continue to learn about myself…. I learned that my calorie consumption is less than I thought…. ….I learned I am walking ok, but not sleeping well. I am entertained by fitness instructions and fitness blog that the app provides… its just another way to keep up with healthy living and I love it.

So instead of doing more or doing harder, I believe with the scarce time we have for sport we could start to do it better and use it to make ourselves more happy. This way “I have no time” will not be an excuse… It is easy to find time to do the things that make you happy.

The starting point is understanding how can you enjoy it more… and giving yourself a permission to enjoy…


p.s. the picture is a tribute to my wonderful Maks who knows how teaches me by example how to do what you enjoy

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