Are your goals big enough

Recently we had a discussion with our friends who mentioned they were reviewing their goals for the year and by September they have achieved most of them . They questioned if what they were wishing for was too predictable or have they made a huge progress in such a short time…A week after we sat to review our 2016 goals with Maks and as we did it, we also were surprised how far we have progressed and how achievable some of the goals were. We had some very aspiring family/relationships directions that are progressing as well as few personal development goals, but in professional and numeric terms some of the goals were modest. The problem was that they WERE VERY SMART specific and measureable and ACHIEVABLE within a year’s timeframe.

I was intrigued and went to explore the topic further. We are writing and reviewing the family goals for almost as long as we have our family, that is 9 years. I decided to make a time journey and check historic goals/objectives to see if they were always so SMART and so achievable.

Even then they were quite SMART. They were  right in setting directions and priorities, they felt very concrete and very tangible but rarely there were sparkles of unachievable dreams found in annual goals. So I am thinking, why our goals for the year not big enough….

  • First question tough qustion is do we dare to make big goals? Often for good reasons of being realistic and seeing the year ahead well we stick to goals that are foreseeable.  I can even recall few years when balancing children, dual career and family was so tough that I thought – I just want to get through and I am not putting any goals ahead. Getting through this as a family healthy and sound is already a success. Many other years there were goals ahead… talked together, shared, reviewed but also quite SMART. I have to admit sometimes I do not dare to speak about big goals. Do you?
  • Second tough question… Are we still able to imagine what big looks like? There aren’t goals that are too big, but there is a perception of a ceiling..  and getting beyond requires putting yourself out of comfort zone. I want to push myself to imagining bigger goals more often.
  • And third easy question if the annual planning cycle is the right place to bring dreams and sparkles in. It may not be, but the annual goals should start from dreams and this may be talked but is not always captured.

So in the last few weeks we took one goal that is big – opening own champagne mason in 10 years under Dovgopolyi name … and I want to use this big an seemingly unachievable objective as a practice to think bigger, to see how our daily choices can be shaped by a bigger goals.

Dream bigger – and bring a sparkle of your dream into your daily routine… life will be a brighter J


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