Things are not getting done in summer


things are not getting done

Summer time…. I love the relaxing feeling of summer mornings, days and nights…. But often I question if I am lazy more than I should be, or if it is ok to allow myself to be lazy for a while…. Workwise  life is a bit easier in July and August, children are with grandparents for a couple of weeks and I planned many “extra” things to do, but they are not getting done…

I tried few times waking up early but I could never convince myself anything earlier than 7. It was possible during the year, but in July the body resists the effort. I decided not to force myself and allow 9-10pm bedtimes, alarm clock not earlier than 7am, lazy cocktails on terrace after work and lazy coffee in the morning.

It was not vacation – I was still very active in the office and my hours there were even longer than normal, but I took all the pressures off the morning and evening hours. These were small daily portions of break for mind and body (also known as Default mode network that I referred to earlier- when our brains take a break from conscious processing of information and it helps to refresh our brains and process experiences).

This is what I learned from allowing myself to be lazy:

  • For a couple of weeks it feels good.. .the rare combination of open, engaged but not tired.
  • I really enjoyed the time at work. I never felt tired in the morning and did not desperately wait for Friday afternoon.  I felt focused, energized and happy. I need to understand this more… how to make it possible during normal times of the year.
  • I kept light exercise routine – swimming, easy run 3-4K, every other day. It felt right
  • I did not spend time to buy food or cook food and was surprised how clean the house is if kids are not around. Was refreshing for a while, then felt silent..
  • I loved the adult evenings… quality time, reading, talking, just leisurely being together.

Still there is not too much time left to yourself when you are 100% actively working. And enormous achievements in short period of time are unrealistic. Children are not the barrier to get things done, I guess its more finding right balance to manage the energy  and ensuring things are getting done throughout the year, rather than in summer…. Summer is made for living easy

p.s. After 2 weeks of being lazy I can think of stretching myself more… still not too far… I will take it step by step.

Enjoy your easy summer week….



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