Being lazy is needed to become more yourself

lake como

.. I can only think of icecream, pizza and prosecco. I may think few other words but all fall in food and drink category. We are on a long weekend trip to Lake Como in Italy, day 3. This breathtaking view of lake, these mountains and elegant villas have put my mind on hold. We eat, drink, play games, go for walks. I hug and carry Nikita all the time, I hold hands with Maks I smile at Sasha. The moment I try to think –  I stumble.

Should I push myself to do something that I planned to do – read “how brands grow”, write, think our annual goals? Or should I relax…..

Day 1 I relaxed, day 2 I relaxed, day 3 is coming to close – I still haven’t got my mind back. And I just relaxed.

Now I am back home after wonderful 3 days of “I can’t think at all feeling”. I am happy I did not push myself.  I was connected to then and now. I was enjoying myself. I was being myself.

I tried to understand more about this state and I discovered something new.  Apparently being lazy is needed. Being lazy provides crucial health and productivity benefits.

I learned today the brain has a Default Mode Network (DMN) that was discovered in recent years. Default Mode Network is active when we are passive.  It is the source of daydreams and ruminative thinking. It only activates when you switch off. But when it activates it strengthens your memories and clears out noise from your minds. When it is at work your experiences and memories are integrated with your sense of self and become part of you…. (my non-scientific explanation).

But it only can work when you relax and not think. So here it is. My brain was working hard all these three days to make me more myself, fully integrated with recent experiences… and all I had to do is keep myself from doing activities that were not needed at all.. Our brain is a wonder, I will go and read more about this DMN now.

Enjoy your long may weekends and give your mind a little break

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